Bringing the fun of the iconic Hot Wheels™ brand to all main gaming platforms, Hot Wheels Unleashed™ has been the most successful title in developer Milestone’s history. A year and a half since its launch, Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) and Milestone, a leading global racing game developer, are excited to reveal data showcasing the title’s amazing success.

Hot Wheels Unleashed has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and boasts more than 8 million players registered across all platforms, including Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation™ Plus collection. Racers have collectively spent the equivalent of nearly 929 years playing the game.

Highly accessible yet full of advanced techniques, the action-packed arcade-style racing game gives Hot Wheels fans the opportunity to drift, boost, jump, and crash with over 60 different vehicles in six different environments. Across all vehicle categories, the Hot Wheels® Twin Mill™ 2021 was Hot Wheels Unleashed’s most used car, being selected for over 20% of total races played.

Hot Wheels Unleashed includes two features that allow players to express their creativity. With the Livery Editor, fans can customize the look of their beloved vehicles and make them unique by applying colors and shapes to Hot Wheels Originals™ and Real Manufacturer cars. To date, more than 1 million liveries have been created with a peak of more than 20 thousand submissions in a single day. The Track Builder is dedicated to players who want to take full control of the iconic orange track and build their dream circuits. So far, more than 350,000 original tracks have been designed to unleash maximum fun. These impressive figures demonstrate the passion of the Hot Wheels fan base and their desire to feel like they are part of the historic brand that marked the childhood of many of today’s gamers.

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