An update is now available for Dead Cells. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Important features

  • Fixed a crash when entering Richter Mode with Ice Armor active.


  • Throwing Axe cannot roll the Fire Bullet affix anymore.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a softlock in Dracula’s Castle if the player didn’t have the Spider Rune unlocked.
  • Fixed parallaxes not displaying correctly on Castle’s Outskirts.
  • Fixed the Katana cancel technique being wronfully removed from the game.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a very old save.
  • Fixed random crashes in Richter Mode when using certain affixes.
  • Fixed Richter Mode Vania-moves disappearing when trying to sell them.
  • Fixed a softlock in Castle’s Outskirts when teleporting through a door with Snake Fangs.
  • Fixed Medusa’s Head clipping through walls.
  • Fixed World Map vibrating up and down in certain resolutions.
  • Fixed random crashes on the title screen.
  • Fixed a random crash when blocking an attack.
  • Fixed Legendary Items spawning in areas where loot is disabled.
  • Fixed Queen’s reflected items not having the proper trail color.
  • Fixed a crash when Dracula talks during one of his interactions in Dracula’s Castle.
  • Fixed Morning Star sprite displaying behind enemies.
  • Fixed Elite Skills disappearing on Rampagers.
  • Fixed Cat being able to teleport during credits.
  • Fixed Training Room’s Boss Doors not unlocking when dying to a hazard in a boss’ arena, instead of to the boss itself.
  • Fixed some typos in french.
  • Malaise is now cleared when entering Richter Mode.
  • Fixed Dracula’s ignoring Global Shields.
  • Fixed Challenge Rifts being able to spawn on spikes.
  • Fixed Throw Master hitbox being too small.
  • Fixed being able to reflect Dracula’s Bat Volley attack
  • Fixed Morning Star’s sounds sometimes not stopping.
  • Added a few optimizations on Conjunctivius’ effects.
  • Fixed multiple blood splatter effects being able to spawn in the same position.
  • Fixed a crash with the World Map in The Crown.
  • Fixed UI inputs being able to overlap.
  • Fixed a softlock when climbing on a floor with spikes.
  • Fixed performance issues affecting Conjunctivius.
  • Fixed visual issues with MorningStar.
  • Fixed a crash happening when some bosses manage to get out of their room.
  • Fixed a crash during the Queen‘s slicing phase.
  • Fixed the removal of Hattori’s Katana tech in air.
  • Fixed the french and english descriptions for Morning Star, Bible and Alucard’s Sword.

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