RAILGRADE has been updated to Version You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Add two new paperclip panic story regions! M24 Bonus B + M24 Bonus B2, a mini quest chain!


  • Train color red is now more red and brighter than Crimson
  • Spending money to pick up or deposit negative value freight now shows a minus sign
  • Make negative costing pops use minus sign and keep style red


  • Fix catalyst display on hover not self updating upon freight deposit
  • Change max city level threshold to 1024 instead of 1028
  • Fix specific curved track station on “Alternating Production”

Crash Fixes

  • Fix crash related to double positioned industry
  • Fix crash on main menu from invalid pointers in idle barks
  • Fix random crash reported on mission end from stale pointer


  • Improve rendering performance on tree heavy maps by about 10%

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