Truth be told, we have no clue as to the rhyme or reason behind Nintendo’s Switch game suggestions. The company has been putting together articles for a few years now where they recommend various Switch games. Sometimes these are tied to holidays, and other times they’re completely random. Whatever the reasoning is for today’s recommendations, we’re just happy to see it!

For today’s feature, Nintendo is recommending nothing but Waluigi Switch games for fans to enjoy. You won’t find a single game on this list that doesn’t spotlight Waluigi in some way, and we’re totally fine with that! Chances are you know all of these games already, but just in case you don’t, you can find the full list here.

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2y ago

Why would they not have waited until Mario Strikers was out?!


2y ago


Because this is a tease for a solo Waluigi game, right? Right?? PLEASE?!?

It's about time he gets one, really he should get one.


2y ago

There's an awful lot of "Mario" in the thumbnails for this "Waluigi" games list. T_T

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