When it comes to official Fire Emblem merch, we don’t get too much here in the states. Over in Japan, all sorts of fun things are released in stores on a weekly basis, and the next official product has been revealed.

Nintendo has announced Fire Emblem Engage konpeito candy that is shaped like the Bond Fragments from Fire Emblem Engage. Konpeito is a type of Japanese sugar candy that takes the form of a small sphere with a bumpy surface, and comes in a variety of colors and flavors.

The Fire Emblem Engage konpeito candy comes in a box with special art from character designer Mika Pikazo, and it features the male and female versions of Alear. There will be two different flavors, with red being strawberry and blue being soda. You’ll be able to pick up these boxes on May 18th, 2023 for roughly $41.

As these boxes offer quite a bit of candy, Nintendo is also offering a Somnie version that comes in a small tin candy, thus including less candy. These will be soda flavor only, and are priced at roughly $31.

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