There’s plenty of Kirby merch available in Japan, and every new Kirby game brings with it an opportunity to release more goodies. That’s exactly what manufacturer Sanei is doing, and they’ve turned their attention to Kirby’s Dream Buffet.

Sanei is releasing a series of Kirby’s Dream Buffet-themed plush dolls, and the lineup features different Kirby colors, styles and sizes. These Kirby plushes even come with different expressions on their faces, making it pretty hard to figure out which one is best!

Of course, the most eye-catching plush of them all is the giant Kirby wearing a first place ribbon. This plush is roughly a cubic foot in size, and it comes with a $40 price tag. As for the other plushes, their prices are yet-to-be-revealed.

The Kirby’s Dream Buffet series of plush dolls are going to release in Japan sometime in mid-August 2023, and as of right now, there’s no word on importers stocking them.

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