Flashback 2 may be set for Nov. 2023 release

Back in action later this year?

18 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

Flashback 2 was originally announced for Switch back in June of 2022, but things have been pretty quiet ever since. While we’re waiting on word from publisher Microids as to what the game’s release date is, it seems some marketing materials may have partially answered the question.

An Amazon UK listing for Flashback 2: Limited Edition has popped up, and it includes the promo art you see above. As you might have spotted, that image also includes a November 2023 release date at the bottom. Again, nothing is confirmed until Microids says so, but this is certainly a big step above rumor or speculation.

Developed in close collaboration between Paul Cuisset’s team and Microids Studio Lyon, Flashback 2 will welcome players to discover a brand new story blending action, puzzle and infiltration. This adventure will take you to familiar places like Neo Washington or the Jungle, as well as new locations like Neo Tokyo or a mysterious space station.

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1y ago

There was already a "Flashback 2" many years ago... it was called "Fade to Black" and I played it on PC. I wonder it's retconned now.