Bitmap Soft is pleased to announce their latest Game Boy game, Yõsei Wars, developed by Felix M A – Nekete. This platformer will have you playing for hours, with chunks of replay value thrown in too.


  • Rom and Instructions


  • Professionally Created Box
  • Game on Cartridge
  • Full Colour Manual

For an eternity, there was peace and tranquillity that would see an alliance between Junk Food and the elegant Tooth Fairies. The former would make teeth fall out while the latter would collect them – generating energy for both. Then one day without any warning, while the last of the free fairies were performing a prayer to the God of Teeth, the junk food attacked the fairies’ castle – capturing them all.

In a distant forest, a strong explosion shook the place…That is where our story begins.

Hanoka was wandering in the middle of the forest feeling somewhat lost, when she heard cries for help.She rushed to the source of the sound and found that a group of Ice Creams had a shipment of teeth and were holding a Fairy captive.

Hanoka managed to recover all the teeth while avoiding the Ice Cream monsters, and as she did, she felt a surge of energy within her. A bolt of lightning shot out of her hands, which a llowed her to defeat one of the monsters. However, she realized that her new power was unstable and any contact would cause her to teleport away (most likely near other teeth, the source of her power).

After facing several other monsters, she blew up the cage and freed the Fairy. Together, they formed the Liberation Force to fight against a new Captain General who was using the Junk Food Generals to kidnap fairies and extract their energy.

If you’d like to take a closer look at this package or place your pre-order, you can do so through the Bitmap Soft online store.

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