A day one update (Version 1.17.24827) is now available for Minecraft Legends on Switch. Check out the official patch notes below.


  • Crash and performance fixes
  • Updated base escalation stingers and voiceovers
  • Fix for nether spreaders placing off of nether
  • Implemented music state switching during the Horde of the Spore boss fight
  • Increased village warrior spawns during later game
  • Tuned lava pools in the Bastion horde outposts
  • Updates to Spore horde base layouts for easier player bridging
  • Bastion horde corner zones now generate more organically
  • Tuned the number of piglins in village attacks
  • Mob alliance houses can now take damage and be disabled. When these and village houses are disabled, their spawners are deactivated
  • Increased the bonus distance that roaming piglins can spawn next to villages by 50%
  • Reduced the distance piglins spawn when attacking wellhouses
  • Better tuning of the defense ratings granted by player structures
  • The carpenter specialization now adds bonus health to the calculation
  • Tweaks to wildlife spawning times
  • Legendary difficulty tuning and balancing
  • Added a new music state for the final boss
  • Village attack tuning: Engineers now appear in wave compositions for all hordes and deal effective damage to buildings from afar.
  • Higher level attack horde waves no longer split into 4 groups
  • Increased mob alliance distance from villages
  • Updates to village, wellhouse, and mob alliance territory sizes
  • Updated timing of cinematics and voiceovers in Act 1
  • Updated tutorial and first time user experience flow
  • Updated prompts and text displayed to the player during the game start
  • Improved timing of objective nudges
  • Tutorial page text updates
  • Player is now immune to stunned state
  • Villagers now have an outline in Banner View
  • Piglin slowgrass speed debuff reduced to -50% move speed (previously -70%)
  • Fixed fast travel position for wellhouses and fountains
  • Removed the gold gather order
  • Increased item pick-up life-time
  • Updated damage to the player from lava, thorns, and other environmental hazards
  • Increased redstone launcher range & reduced spyglass buff
  • Increased upgrade structure buff ranges
  • Orbit camera updated to feel more natural
  • There is now an announcement when you’ve unlocked the ability to fast travel to a village
  • Build times tuning + small cost tunings in PvP
  • Ranged targeting on PvP HQ fixed
  • PvP piglin barracks health tuning + prismarine drop tuning
  • Updated prismarine loop in PvP
  • Adjusted the distribution of stone in PvP matches
  • Added a lapis flag onboarding tutorial message in PvP
  • Updated world placements + increased wood gathered per block in PvP
  • Piglin horde attack rates and wave sizes tuned in PvP
  • Added player mob + RSL damage increase for late game PvP matches
  • Added late game mechanic in PvP so mobs deal more damage after 40+ minute games
  • Fixed the Firsts so they can properly be used while in Battle View

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