As we shared earlier in the week, a major attempt at Pokémon Trading Card Game theft was thwarted. If it the theft went through, it could have been the largest heist in Pokémon TGC history, but thankfully it was squashed before causing some serious damage.

According to details from the Pokémon World Facebook group, a printing company worker attempted to steal a considerable amount of valuable Fusion Strike cards to resell them at local game stores. When he took those cards to Trading Card World (TCW), employees thought it was incredibly suspicious that one person would have so many rare cards in their collection. The store asked the customer where the cards came from, they fessed up to being someone who worked at the printing company, and then TCW contacted the Pokémon Company to let them know of the situation.

Following news of the theft attempt, Pokémon Co. has shared a statement on the matter. In the statement, the company reveals that all shipments have made it to stores as intended. You can read the statement in full below.

“We take the protection of our IP and associated products very seriously. This matter remains under investigation and we cannot comment on details at this time. However, we can confirm that Sword & Shield ­booster packs and products were shipped to retail as intended and we have no indication that the integrity of the products were impacted by any confirmed or unconfirmed theft. Furthermore, we continue to significantly invest in both the production and security of our TCG business. We value the faith our fans put in us and our products, and these investments are intended to help us continue to maintain their trust.”

[Pokémon Co.]

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