The Wii is over 15 years old at this point, and Nintendo has come a long way since then. That said, we’re just now inching into territory where people are feeling quite nostalgic for the Wii. Those who were in the single digits when the Wii was out are now making their way out of college and into the workforce. It’s prime time for some creature comforts, and the Wii certainly fits the bill.

Feeling a little nostalgic for the Wii yourself? Why not take a look at one aspect of the Wii Nintendo never meant the public to see? In the latest Linus Tech Tips video, we get to see Linus tear down the Wii ‘NDev’ development kit. This was the magic box devs were using to create their Wii titles, and now we get to see a detailed look inside and out.

While I could personally do without the taunting and snark from Linus in this video, it does give us an interesting look at a piece of Nintendo history most of us will never come in contact with. Without this development beast, millions of Wii owners wouldn’t have had the chance to play their favorite games!

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