GoodSmile has a very long line of gaming-themed Nendoroids for gamers to pick from, and now that line has expanded with two more options.

For the Undertale fans out there, a Toriel Nendoroid is now available to pre-order. That Nendoroid comes with a smiling face, blushing face and combat face, along with an optional butterscotch-cinnamon pie for posing purposes. This Nendoroid is priced at $52 and will ship out sometime in August 2023. If you’d like to pre-order one for yourself, you can do so through this link.

For fans of Little Nightmares, a Six Nendoroid is also available for pre-order. This Nendoroid includes Key and Lighter accessories, along with a Nome miniature figure. You’ll have to cough up $52 for this Nendoroid as well, and it’s set to ship out Sept. 2023. If you’d like to lock in a pre-order, do so through this link.

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