Colombia’s Ministry of the Interior is in hot water recently for a very bizarre incident on Twitter.

Those that follow Colombia’s Ministry of the Interior saw a tweet earlier this week that was about the Super Mario Bros. Movie. It appears the person behind the account went down the Twitter rabbit hole and stumbled on a discussion about the movie, Nintendo characters, and LGBTQ+ representation. For whatever reason, the person behind the account sent out a tweet that very loosely said, ““I hope Luigi is gay.”

While this would have been an odd tweet from Colombia’s Ministry of the Interior in any light, the account happened to use a word for ‘gay’ that many consider to be extremely offensive. Not surprisingly, the tweet was deleted shortly after posting, but not before the internet caught it and demanded an explanation. This led to the account sharing the following message:

“We know they weren’t the right words, but we are aware that homophobia kills. That is why we are in favor of all initiatives that make the LGBTIQ+ population visible, and we work on guaranteeing their rights.”

The tweet also included the message “save a community manager,” shedding some light on who made the blunder.

As to why the tweet was made in the first place, no official explanation was given. It’s quite likely the community manager accidentally shared this tweet from their work account thinking they were logged into their personal account. That’s all speculation though, and all we know for sure is that one hell of a strange situation has transpired.


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