The highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom, is launching for Nintendo Switch on May 12th, 2023. We’re just over two weeks away away from launch, and some new video features have arrived from various media outlets that give us hands-on impressions and new gameplay from this upcoming title. Check out a round-up of brand new footage below.

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1y ago

I’m going to pass on watching any of these. I’m sold on the game and don’t want any more info before I play.


1y ago

I feel bad... I'm sure each one of these outlets is thinking, "Boy do we have a scoop!" But I'm going to ignore every single one of them. Like Kuribo, I'm sold on the game and just avoiding spoilers now.


1y ago

I've skipped pretty much every trailer since the second teaser or so. Just gimme the game!!


1y ago

Definitely passing on all of these since I'll have the game in 2 weeks.

cheesus 2

1y ago

I'll be honest, after seeing the Korok seed hunting is back I got significantly less excited about this game. Show me some dungeons please


1y ago


Good idea ^-^ I mean I don't think it can really be spoiled for me but watching those, but I can always try to get tired of the game before playing it, which I'm not going to try. I think I might wait for the deluxe version though on the next console.