Genki: Covert Dock Mini now available to purchase

What is this, a Switch dock for ANTS?!

12 April 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The Genki Covert Dock was already a technical marvel, basically shrinking down the original Switch dock by over 10 times. The tiny dock included a Gallium Nitride supercharger, and let you plug in a USB-C cable to your Switch charging port, then the dock into a wall socket. From there, you were good to play on any TV!

Amazingly, the Genki team has gone even further by showcasing the Genki Covert Dock Mini, which is 20 times smaller than the original Switch dock. This device was originally a stretch goal on Genki’s Waveform Earphones Kickstarter, but now they’ve opened up orders to anyone who wants them.

To get your Genki Covert Dock Mini, all you have to do is visit this Kickstarter and pick the $49 pledge tier and it’s yours!

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