Tray Racers! has been updated to Version 1.0c. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Add some tutorial tooltips to the loading screen.

Major Fixes/Tweaks

  • Change the countdown in the Camp lobby to start when the majority of players have readied up, rather than all players needing to ready up.
  • Optimise load times of Cave biome.
  • Fix issues that could cause an infinite load screen – joining a lobby just as it changes state or disconnecting from the internet during the load sequence.
  • Fix issue where grind rails would stop working if respawning just before hitting them.
  • When voting to end the race the “confirm” dialogue will now time out, rather than waiting for the Host’s input.
  • The “Waiting for Players” state now has a timeout so players don’t get stuck waiting at the start line for late joining players to load the race.

Minor Fixes/Tweaks

  • Fix issue that would cause boost particles to appear infinitely when respawning near the Camellos.
  • Player Nameplates now display correct capitalisation.
  • Fix issue where a lobby had an extremely rare chance of being stuck in the Camp.

Known Issues

  • The “Refresh” button in the Weekly Races does not properly attempt to reconnect you to the servers if connection is lost.

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