Earlier this year, the Japanese development team at novamicus and the publishers at NEXTON announced the publisher’s upcoming 30th-anniversary project, ONE. The game is a romance-driven visual novel, and now we know the title will release in Japan on Dec. 22nd, 2023. Along with that info comes a new trailer that you can check out above.

You can see a story synopsis for ONE. below.

The things that keep us tethered to this world.

Winter 1998. I was an ordinary student when another world emerged within me. Like heavy snowfall, it slowly engulfed my everyday life. It was then that I first realized—the unchanging things that exist within my day-to-day routine; the scenery that I’ve become so accustomed to seeing; the warmth of the person I love, but didn’t even realize I loved.

They all exist as the things that keeps me tethered to this world.

That was the moment I first began to pursue the bond of that special someone. Time will pass, and eventually, the seasons will begin to shine in the sunlight. When that moment comes, what kind of world will I be standing in, and whose hand I will be holding?

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