RedDeer.Games, a developer and publisher of indie games for Switch consoles, announced the release of The Companion on Switch today. Filled with mysticism, the final game of April’s Indie Spring Spree will take players on a journey into a spiritual world of both magic and mystery.

The Companion is a narrative adventure game focused on a story that carries a massage about essential values such as love, friendship, and family. This symbolically-rich emotional tale allows players to take on the role of a fox’s spiritual avatar, dwelling in the metaphysical realm.

Guided by visions from the past, present, and future, the protagonist traverses a vast open world and uncovers the poignant story of a family, ultimately revealing his own fate.

Players will embark on an exploration of seven breathtaking locations, with the important task of creating a connection between the spiritual and material worlds. This can be accomplished by collecting Essences hidden in various places, as well as discovering magical Artefacts.

The vast world of The Companion can sometimes become a true labyrinth, in which one can accidentally get lost. Players can then use rune stones scattered around the world to summon astral guides and find the path to their destiny.

The magnificent spiritual world of The Companion, its puzzles, mysteries, and the mood-enhancing soundtrack will keep players absorbed for hours.

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