The Wylde Flowers ‘Fabulous Farming’ update is now live. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Welcome to our Fabulous Farming Update!

  • Visit Marty to get adorable new animals to your farm! There are ducks, pigs and even alpacas!
  • Build a propagation shed and upgrade your farm buildings! A bigger and better toolshed, coop, barn and greenhouse await you!
  • Guide your animals through pregnancy, and feed them their favourite foods to make them sparkle!
  • Play now to see what else is new!

Need the details?

  • A Giant Tool Shed can now be built from Parker’s workshop any time after the first Tool Shed upgrade.
  • A Spacious Greenhouse can be built from Parker’s workshop after the first Greenhouse has been built.
  • An Expanded Coop can be built once “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest (which will start after Marty’s epilogue in Year 2) is complete. This larger coop can house ducks as well as chickens, allows up to 10 animals in total to be kept, and includes an incubator that can be used to hatch eggs.
  • A Huge Barn can be built once “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest is complete. This larger barn can accomodate up to 10 animals, and includes a birthing stall for hosting pregnant barn animals. For adorable baby animals, purchase Fertility Potions from Aryel. Animals will need to be hand-fed for each day of their pregnancy, even if you’ve built the Hay Field.
  • A Feed Mill can be built in your Tool Shed after “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest is complete, allowing you to craft your own Poultry Feed.
  • Baby ducks, pigs and alpacas can be purchased from Marty’s ranch after “The Menagerie Mix-Up” quest is complete. Pigs will sometimes find a Truffle for you, and Alpacas are an excellent source of quality Wool.
  • Animals can now be gifted fruit and vegetables, and each animal will have an individual favourite food that you can discover. There are some surprises to discover when animals get to eat their favorite foods!
  • A Propagation Shed can be built from Parker’s workshop shortly after Lina and Parker’s epilogue in Year 2. (Lina will let you know when this is possible during one of her work days).
  • Partake in a Harvest Festival and coven ritual in Fall of Year 2 or later, and a second Winter Feast with a magical fireworks display.
  • A Candy Machine can be built in your Tool Shed if you speak to Zephyr during the Harvest Festival preparations.
  • The Enhanced Scrying Potion can be used to immediately teleport yourself to another character’s location.
  • Animal Growth Booster can be fed to your farm animals to give them a quick growth spurt, or to hurry along a pregnancy.
  • You may finally learn the Anti-Shapeshifting Spell, allowing you to return to human form during the day.
  • Your best friends and most beloved animals may join in on your photo shoots.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs! Including:

  • Lina’s friendship milestones can now be attained if they weren’t completed during Year 1.
  • The “People Pleaser” achievement will be correctly awarded.
  • Wellspring season requests can be fulfilled using a mixture of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Westley no longer giggles in Tara’s voice.

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