The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been defying expectations ever since it launched. The film keeps pulling in bigger box office receipts than expected, it’s breaking all sorts of records, and it’s the first $1 billion film 2023. There’s no doubt it’s got some long legs ahead of it at theaters, but could we be watching it from the comfort of our own homes in a week’s time?

Rumor has it that the Super Mario Bros. Movie will see digital release on May 9th, 2023, which would be a week from today. That seems like an incredibly quick turnaround, but we’ve seen countless other films take the same approach in recent years.

It’s important to note that this would be a digital on-demand release, and not streaming service addition. In other words, you would have to pay for premium-video-on-demand on various services (Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.) to see the film. This is much different from the movie being added to a service like Peacock, where you’d be able to watch the movie for the price of the service itself.

Should a confirmation of this news come in, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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