Warframe has been updated to Version 33.0.4. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

The Undercroft (Landscape and The Circuit) Defense Changes:

The following changes have been made to address player feedback on the difficulty of Defense stages in the Undercroft. They are geared to alleviate the conditions that were causing the Defense Target to get destroyed extremely fast (notably in The Steel Path).

  • The Defense Target’s level now scales between stages.
  • The Defense Target’s scaling occurs alongside enemy level scaling between stages up to level 50. After level 50, the scaling rate decreases overtime to maintain a level of challenge in The Circuit.
  • Increased the Defense Target’s starting level in The Steel Path from 76 to 101.
  • Increased the rate at which the Defense Target’s Shields recharge.
  • Reduced the damage that the Defense Target can take from Thrax units.
  • Defense rounds will now only start when someone enters the Defense Target’s radius.
  • This addresses enemies rushing to the Defense Target before players have even found it and positioned themselves to defend it.


  • Added the Sun & Moon, Edun, Sampotes, Azothane, and Syam Blueprints (for Warframe use) to Cephalon Simaris’ Offerings for those who accidentally sell theirs.
  • The Sun & Moon Blueprint is purchasable from his offerings after completing The Duviri Paradox Quest (Quest reward). The Edun, Sampotes, Azothane, and Syam Blueprints are purchasable after obtaining the Drifter version (via Platinum or Pathos Clamps).
  • Updated the Zylok, Despair, Hate, and Sibear’s Incarnon Mode VFX.
  • Made adjustments to Luscinia’s volume, gain, and radius in the Undercroft.


  • Fixed naming/renaming your Kaithe (after reaching Riding Rank 8 in Drifter Intrinsics) costing 15 Platinum.
  • We will be running a script shortly to refund players the Platinum that was used to name/rename your Kaithe. We will update here once it has completed.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to see or interact with Enigmas if the Host has not been in proximity of it – potentially causing progress stops in the Spiral stages.
  • Also fixed Clients being unable to see VFX on certain Enigma elements.
  • Fixed potential crash when dying while pushing Enigma elements or using the co-op doors in the Origin System missions.
  • Also fixes Hosts seeing Clients do wonky animations when they attempt to push Enigma elements.
  • Fixed being unable to pick up the Glyph plate for Enigmas near the Artisan Hamlet.
  • Fixed cases where the Orowyrm could become invulnerable after Host Migration.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when Host Migrating during the Orowyrm fight cinematics.
  • Fixed Wyrmlings no longer following the Orowyrm’s path after Host Migration – causing them to wander around Duviri.
  • More fixes toward crash that could occur due to dealing high levels of damage in Duviri.
  • Fixed being unable to complete “Guide Reflection into Light” encounters in Duviri due to the objective beams being blocked by the environment – potentially causing a halt in progress for Story stages.
  • Fixed losing UI after entering the Orowyrm arena if you had the “Prefer Default HUD as Drifter” option enabled.
  • Fixed spot loading issues in Teshin’s Cave for both Host and Clients – potentially causing players to disconnect from the squad.
  • Fixed some Shrines in Duviri spawning into the ground.
  • Fixed receiving an empty Inbox message after collecting all of The Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments.
  • Fixed the top row of The Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments in the Dormizone getting cut off when using a menu scale lower than 100.
  • Fixed the last page selected in the Codex while viewing The Lost Islands of Duviri Fragments carrying over to other pages.
  • Fixed Kaithe being able to interact with Enigma components that are Drifter only (pressure plates).
  • Fixed the Enigma below Titan’s Rest in Duviri missing the pressure plate required to start it.
  • Fixed the Windmills for Power Grid encounters spinning their blades even if the power has yet to be restored.
  • Fixed the Nami Solo’s Incarnon Form (with Incarnon Genesis equipped) VFX blocking vision with certain holster cosmetics/positions.
  • Fixed Nami Solo’s VFX being oversized and covering the Evolution screen at Cavalero.
  • Fixed offset issues with the Subvolv Syandana to reduce clipping and have it sit closer to its intended attachment point.
  • Fixes towards clipping issues when the Subvolv Syandana is equipped on Grendel and Titania.
  • More fixes towards offset issues with the Bishamo Hawk and Lark Operator Sets.
  • Fixed the Drifter’s Lark Helmet mesh position.
  • Fixed the Watchful Paragrimm’s diorama being empty.
  • Fixed random items floating in the Dormizone during The Duviri Paradox Quest for new players.
  • Fixed Duviri citizens not cowering in fear in the presence of the Orowyrm (The Duviri Paradox Quest and Spirals).
  • Fixed the number of owned Mods appearing in the Mod Configs in Teshin’s Cave.
  • Fixed enemies killed by Opticor Vandal causing depth issues with their bodies.
  • Fixed the Edun having a brown default Energy color instead of blue.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when logging out between the end of stage four and five of The Duviri Paradox Quest.
  • Fixed script error with activating/deactivating the Dax Equitem.
  • Fixed script error during the finisher animation of the Dax Equitem.
  • Fixed script error that could occur if you killed a Liminus the moment it spawns.
  • Fixed script errors with several Enigma elements.
  • Fixed several script errors with Ghost Mirror Enigmas.
  • Fixed rare script error related to the Squad information in HUD when transitioning between missions.
  • Fixed script error when joining Void Cascade missions.
  • Fixed script error during the “The Harbinger of Joy” stage of the Quest.
  • Fixed script error after interacting with Acrithis after fighting the Orowyrm.

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