Publisher X Plus Games and developer Hakoniwa Hakobiya have announced that they’re bringing ECHOLOCAUTION to the Switch at some point in 2023.

ECHOLOCAUTION is a score attack action game based on the ecology of bats. Each game takes about 2 minutes to play, so you can play it anytime you want.

Bats are active at night! Eat as many bugs as you can before dawn. Score points by eating insects, and get a combo bonus if you eat them all at once during the echo!

Predict the movements of incoming owls and avoid them while maintaining your remaining energy to increase your points and get the highest score possible!

  • The immature parti-colored bat - The cool free-tailed bat
  • The mischievous long-eared bat, and many more!

In their home, meet the affectionate and supportive megabat mother along with the white bat triplets who are always happy to see you!The bats live in groups, meaning they’re happy to cohabitate! Unlocked playable bats will also hang out in the cave, where you can learn more about them.

The little bats are curious about many things in the outside world. Even things that look like mere junk are treasures to them. Let’s take them home and collect them all in a box for safe keeping!

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1y ago

This looks kind of interesting, I might buy this one. But why does the mom bat have such massive legs? She's a bat! And why does it look like her wings are attached to her butt...
This is kinda creepy.
I think maybe I'll pass.

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