Demon Skin crawls onto the Switch today

Need some vitamin Demon?

05 May 2023
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It’s time to sharpen your axe again in Demon Skin, the hack’n’slash with RPG, platforming and fighting mechanics from ESDigital Games and Ludus Future will make its way onto Switch today for $9.99 / €9,99. To celebrate the console release, the game will have a 20% discount during the first week on all platforms.

In addition to the Demon Skin’s release, ESDigital also announces that the game will include for free the DLC previously released on Steam, Crossroad of the World, that explores the main character’s past, before turning into a monster-smashing demon. The console version also adds controller focused controls plus bug fixing.

The darkness has got into the far-off corners of the universe and now threatens the entire world. Only the mighty Order of Wanderers whose members possess superhuman divine powers can resist that threat. One of the Wanderers witnesses a sinister ritual of restoring a powerful ancient artifact. In an attempt to break off the ceremony, he gets into a flow of energy released by the artifact – and instantly turns into a demon! To regain its former appearance, the Wanderer will need the artifact which was stolen after the ritual, sending him on a quest to find it, fighting the hordes of demons along the way.

Demon Skin is a brutal hack’n’slash set in a rough dark fantasy world, which combines unique combat mechanics, RPG and fighting game elements, and even some platformer features. Thanks to its flexible combat system, each player can come up with their own unique tactic by skillfully combining stances with various types of weapons to achieve the ultimate efficiency in battle.

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