There have been two Little Nightmares titles so far, and the franchise has sold 12 million units worldwide. It would be no surprise if a third title came along, and it seems that might be the case.

Tarsier Studios is the developer behind the Little Nightmares series, and they’ve just shared a job listing for their next project. While it doesn’t give specifics on the game, it does seem to indicate that more Little Nightmares is on the way.

In particular, the job listing states that the new staffer ‘will join the Production department within the team dedicated to our headline IP: Little Nightmares.’ It seems awfully odd that they’d hire a new employee and add them to the Little Nightmares team if a new Little Nightmares project wasn’t in the works!

We’ll hopefully get confirmation of this project in the near future. As soon as word comes in, we’ll bring it to you.

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1y ago

That would be awesome!