Limited Run Games has announced that they’ll have a presence at PAX East 2022, and fans who check out their booth will be able to snag some very exclusive goodies.

First up, Limited Run Games will be sharing a booth with Tate Multimedia, developers of the all-new Kao the Kangaroo title. Attendees can look forward to an exclusive hands-on experience with Kao the Kangaroo, as well as some exclusive swag.

Along with that, those more interested in the Limited Run Games side of things will be able to purchase some special items you won’t find anywhere else. You can buy Shantae and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge in an oversized Game Boy style box, River City Girls in an NES style box, and over 35+ out-of-print Limited Run Games items!

All this exclusive and out-of-print content makes Limited Run Games’ booth sound like a must-visit during your time at PAX East 2022.

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