The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now two days away, and Nintendo fans worldwide are counting down the minutes until launch. Some of those fans happen to be stationed outside Nintendo NY, putting their diehard fan status on display.

Alex CND, who has become famous for standing in lines at Nintendo NY, has made his way to the store for the wait for Tears of the Kingdom. As you can see, others have already gathered outside to watch the minutes tick down, dream about Tears of the Kingdom, and spend time with other dedicated Zelda fans.

Nintendo NY will be selling Tears of the Kingdom at midnight on launch day, so these lucky people will be able to snag their physical copies instantly and rush home to play. Let’s hope they’re not too tired to enjoy it after spending 2+ days in line!

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1y ago

I can only imagine how unbearable the smell will be in a day and a half