Crunching Koalas and Dexai Arts announce their new project - Techno Banter, a witty, raw tale of a club bouncer navigating a dystopian city of freaks and underground rave clubs. The game is expected to hit Switch later this year.

As the bouncer, players will face the entry queue of various characters waiting to get into the Green Door club, and decide who gets to come in and party until sunrise, and who will need to be persuaded away. Those not making the cut will often object, and that’s when the “banter” part kicks in - players will have to choose the wittiest and most clever insults and clapbacks to chase them away.

The soundscape and the raw, gritty art style of the game are heavily influenced by the Berlin techno-scene, which can be felt in the neon-drenched design of locations like Rainbow Drive, or the Green Door club. The climatic, bass-heavy and BPM-rich soundtrack is full of tracks composed by real-life DJs, veterans of famous Berlin clubs like Tresor or Berghain.

Techno Banter is the first game created by Dexai Arts, who have long been ingrained in the techno tapestry of Berlin, the title will be published by the boutique, indie publishing house - Crunching Koalas.


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