Pokémon UNITE has been updated to Ver. on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. We don’t know the file size of this patch, but we do have a breakdown of all the new changes and adjustments.

The full patch notes for this update are as follows.

Update Details

  • Pre-Eevee Festival Campaign! (2023-05-11 to 2023-05-24)

You can obtain Pokémon Face Hat (Eevee) by sharing the Eevee Festival event info on social media. Get in the celebratory spirit ahead of time before the Eevee Festival begins!

  • Eevee Festival (2023-05-25 to 2023-06-22)

Eevee take center stage as the Eevee Festival begins! During the Eevee Festival, there will be all sorts of events through which you can obtain various rewards. The Eevee Special Shop will be loaded with great items, so you can check it out! A new Eevee-themed quick battle will also become available. Experience these cute, fun battles together with everyone!

  • Eevee Appeal-o-rama, a new type of quick battle, will be available starting 2023-05-25!

In Eevee Appeal-o-rama, you can try out the Unite licenses for Eevee’s various Evolutions at no cost. Unite Battles take place in a unique version of Shivre City. You can use Appeal and complete appeal missions to raise your appeal level and increase your goal-scoring speed! Take part in these fun battles with cute Eevee Evolutions!

  • Shop Updates
  • Event Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • Text Fixes

Adjustment Details


Floral Healing has been nerfed. Magical Leaf has also been nerfed because Comfey was able to influence its surroundings too much while remaining safe.

Floral Healing

  • Base HP restoration when no flowers are consumed: reduced by 15%
  • HP restoration effect boost from Unite Move: 50% → 30%

Magical Leaf

  • Damage: reduced by 25%
  • Time that opposing Pokémon are left unable to act: 0.75 sec. → 0.5 sec.


Psyshock has been nerfed because it was hitting too often and dealing too much damage.


  • Damage: reduced by 17%


Water Pulse has been nerfed, as it was far too aggressive in nature for the gentle-hearted Lapras.

Water Pulse

  • Damage: reduced by 15%


Pyro Ball and Feint have been buffed. Cinderace’s Unite Move, Blazing Bicycle Kick, has been buffed because there were many instances of Cinderace being knocked aside before it was able to kick.

Pyro Ball

  • Damage: increased by 23% Feint
  • Cooldown: 11 sec. → 9 sec.

Unite Move: Blazing Bicycle Kick

  • Unite gauge fill speed: increased by about 25%
  • When the move is used, the user will now be immune to hindrances.


Scizor’s boosted basic attacks and Bullet Punch have been buffed so that its high defensive and offensive prowess will better stand out.

Boosted basic attacks

  • Defense increase effect: 25% → 40% (Maximum 75% → 120%)

Bullet Punch

  • Cooldown: 6 sec. → 5 sec.


Goodra’s Dragon Pulse and Unite Move, Right as Rain, have been buffed so that Goodra will recover more HP.

Dragon Pulse

  • A base amount of HP recovery was added

Unite Move: Right as Rain

  • Unite gauge fill speed: increased by 20%


Icicle Spear and Ice Shard have been buffed so that Glaceon will be able to contribute more freely to Unite Battles.

Icicle Spear

  • Cooldown: 5.5 sec. → 5 sec.
  • Damage: increased by 8%

Ice Shard

  • Basic attack speed increase: 25% → 50%
  • Effect duration: 2 sec. → 2.5 sec.

Ice Shard+

  • Basic attack speed increase: 50% → 65%
  • Effect duration: 2 sec. → 2.5 sec.

Alolan Ninetales

Blizzard has been buffed to make it easier for Alolan Ninetales to freeze opponents when using Avalanche and Blizzard at the same time. Alolan Ninetales’s Unite Move, Snow Globe—which is effective against frozen opponents—has been buffed as well.


  • Cooldown: 9 sec. → 7 sec.
  • Movement speed decrease: 20% → 35%

Unite Move: Snow Globe

  • Unite gauge fill speed: increased by 20%

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