Want to learn more about using Fall Guys Creative? Why not learn from some of the developers at Mediatonic, the in-house Creative experts. Edina is here to teach us more about Building and Sharing Rounds in Fall Guys Creative!

This week, Mediatonic launched Fall Guys Creative as part of the game’s new ‘Creative Construction’ season update, putting an exciting new toolset into players’ hands alongside 50 new Rounds from the dev team and a pixel-perfect new season packed with a smorgasbord of digital delights.

⦁ A comprehensive and full-featured level editor that allows players to create custom Rounds and share them with the community.

⦁ Players get the same tools as the developers for Round creation - all new levels from here on will be crafted in Fall Guys Creative.

⦁ Mediatonic will be using a mix of in-game analytics around most played and longest play-time to help us find which Rounds the community are loving, as well as surfacing levels from our community channels when selecting community-made levels for inclusion in the main Fall Guys Show Selector.

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