In Evil Dead: The Game, you can play as either a Survivor or a Demon. Each Survivor will have certain categories that they fall into, but they also have unique characteristics between them. Furthermore, you can level-up your Survivors, making them stronger, and unlocking more abilities along the way.

There are four types of Survivors to choose from, and you can read about each category below.


  • all about auras and playing close to your friends
  • Leaders can reduce incoming damage, boost outgoing damage, reduce fear buildup, and more


  • excel at melee combat
  • have extra health
  • can execute finishing moves
  • Warrior perks activate based on engaging in close proximity combat
  • some perks can give temporary shields or invulnerability


  • excel at ranged combat options
  • can use skills to reduce your need to find ammo
  • can hold more ammo than other Survivors
  • experts at finding more and better loot.


  • can create shields, gain health, or reduce fear
  • come with bonus starting consumables
  • one support, Cheryl Williams, has an area-of-effect healing zone

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