Another round of details have been released for Xicatrice today, and this time we get to learn about even more skills.

First Move Victory (Shinomori Wakaba’s Order Skill): for one turn, guarantees you will act faster than the enemy and that your attacks will land. It’s perfect to complement those attack Skills that are slow or have low accuracy.

Heal (Otoha Ichika’s initial Skill): restores your allies’ HP. Combined with the passive Skill “High Speed Treatment” (which speeds up the order of action when using recovery skills), it allows you to save your allies from a pinch more reliably.

Ice White Strike (Nagamiya Shizuru’s initial Skill): an attack with an ice attribute. Combined with a Skill that increases your attack power when using elemental attacks, you can deal tons of damage to enemies that are weak to ice-based attacks.

Xicatrice is a “superpowers x academy RPG” in which you play as a teacher who leads a special unit of students on dangerous missions in response to emergencies. The game combines the depth that comes with a huge variety of skills, with highly flexible character development, allowing each player to play with their own strategy. The game is scheduled to release on June 29th, 2023, in Japan for the Nintendo Switch.


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