If you haven’t already seen The Super Mario Bros. Movie, or if you’re ready for another rewatch, the highest grossing Illumination film (that feels good to say) is now available to buy ($29.99) or rent ($24.99) from home in the United States and Canada. Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Vudu, among others currently have the movie on offer. Of course, you can also wait until the film makes its debut on the NBCUniversal streaming app Peacock later this year.

[Illumination / Nintendo]

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1y ago

Criminy, at that price to rent you might as well just spend the five extra bucks to buy it...

That's the idea.

I don't know why anybody would even bother renting at that price.


1y ago

Jeez. I guess instant gratification comes at a price. It’s cheaper to preorder the home video release which comes with different formats AND a digital code. I can wait to see it again.