Omega Strikers has been updated to Ver. 2.1, and with this update comes two new characters; Vyce and Octavia.

Vyce is an explosive long-range Striker who uses an electrified guitar to deal heavy damage and warp across the field. She can drop thunderbolts from the sky to stun enemies from a distance, launch chain lightning attacks, and emit a MASSIVE shockwave that sends enemies flying. With Vyce, it’s all about finding the perfect moment to warp into your enemies and start melting their faces with a ripping guitar solo.

Thunderstruck [SECONDARY]

Summon a thunderbolt from the sky to a target location, hitting and stunning enemies for .75s. For the next 3.25s, recast to assume a form of pure energy and teleport to the cast location.

Power Chord [PRIMARY]

Launch a lightning riff, hitting and slowing the first target struck before chaining LIGHT hits to nearby opponents.

Super Nova [SPECIAL]

Push-and-hold this ability to start rocking out, gaining 100% knockback resistance. Upon releasing the ability or after 2.5s, emit a shockwave that blasts enemies away from you. The wave increases in size and power for the first 1.25s it’s charged.

Octavia is a speedy but fragile Striker who excels at controlling the core and evading enemy attacks with her pair of psychically-controlled speakers. Her entire playstyle is built around Flow State, which grants her a scaling speed boost that refreshes its duration whenever she hits something. To become a true virtuoso with Octavia, you’ll need quick reflexes and a focused mind in order to continually extend your Flow State for as long as possible.

Flow State [SECONDARY]

Gain 25% Speed for 2.75s, increasing by 2.5% per second. Hitting anything refreshes the duration, scaling infinitely.

Sonic Boom [PRIMARY]

Launch a sonic wave that hits all targets it passes through and slows them for 1s. Deals light hits to subsequent targets.

Bass Drop [SPECIAL]

After a delay, emit 5 sound pulses over a short duration that hit surrounding enemies.

If you’d like to read the full patch notes for this update, you can find them here.

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