The last few years have been particularly tough for Pokémon fans who lovingly played with their Pokémon cards back in the day. If only they never had any fun and kept their cards in pristine condition, they may have been worth hundreds of thousands today.

Heritage Auctions has once again set another record, this time for a first-edition Pokémon Charizard card. The auction saw 69 bids before it was said and done, with the final price coming in at $336,000. The previous record at Heritage Auctions sat right around $300,000.

The same auction saw a Pokémon First Edition Base Set Sealed Booster Box drew in 54 bids before closing at $288,000.

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2+ y ago

Weren't these selling for under $100 a few years ago, or am I high?


2+ y ago

I have a first edition shadowless charizard as well, but never got it professionally graded. I'm thinking now is the time to do so!


2+ y ago

Heritage Auctions has been running an operation that have artificially inflated retro video game prices. YouTuber Karl Jobst has two exposes showing what has been going on even at a time where he's been sued for slander by Billy Mitchell (of Donkey Kong infamy). It's quite likely Heritage is looking to inflate prices of trading cards now after being outed at their video game operation.

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