Since his debut on the big screen, Tad Stones has won the hearts of millions of viewers with his courageous exploits and irresistible charm. Now, Tadeo fans will be able to immerse themselves in the action and excitement of his world anywhere thanks to the release of Tad: The Lost Explorer, Craziest and Madness Edition on Nintendo Switch, a project signed by Gammera Nest and Mediaset Games, with the support of Selecta Play, and sure to delight the most die-hard fans of the lost explorer.

Get ready for an exciting and crazy adventure with Tad Stones on your Nintendo Switch, available from July 7th, 2023!

With a captivating 2.5D perspective, Tad: The Lost Explorer, Craziest and Madness Edition transports players to the exotic and dangerous locations that have made the intrepid adventurer famous. From the lost ruins of Veracruz to the interior of Egypt’s Great Pyramid, each level is meticulously designed to provide a visually stunning and challenging experience.

The game will feature four playable characters, each with unique and exciting abilities:

Tad: Our brave hero, ready to face any challenge.

Sara: With enhanced agility and the ability to double jump, Sara will move gracefully through the levels.

Mummy: The mummy’s lightness allows her to jump higher and camouflage herself inside her sarcophagus, taking advantage of her unique abilities.

Ramona: With special abilities of levitation, telekinesis and the ability to reconstruct objects from the past, Ramona will be a valuable ally in the adventure.

As players explore the 14 challenging levels based on the movie, they will encounter a variety of formidable enemies, from ferocious piranhas to fearsome guards. To tackle these obstacles, they must use all of the characters’ skills and abilities, along with a wide selection of collectibles that enrich the gameplay experience.

In addition to fast-paced action and exciting challenges, Tad: The Lost Explorer, Craziest and Madness Edition also offers a unique experience for comic book lovers. Through vignettes full of wit and humor, players will be able to immerse themselves in the story of Tadeo in a classic way and enjoy numerous winks, references and hidden details.

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