Super Mega Baseball 4 has received a massive presentation overhaul. From updates to user interface, new character models and animations, to 6 brand-new state of the art stadiums with updated time and weather conditions, SMB4 is looking slicker than ever.

Character models have been rebuilt from the ground up to give you 44 new head types, cool hairstyles and colors, and two new body types. Cutscenes, such as batter walk-ups and beanballs have been refreshed. Some of the new stadiums in SMB4 feature a tropical city-scape in the mountains, an overlook into a world of thrill rides and popcorn, and a golden harvest in the heartland. Additionally, the user interface has been optimized for readability on a variety of screen sizes while maintaining the integrity of the information you need to make key decisions on running your team.

You can learn even more about all that’s new and revamped in Super Mega Baseball 4 via the game’s official site.

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