Dauntless has been updated to Ver. 1.14.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Celebrating another year in the Shattered Isles

Four years ago, Slayers on every platform first took a stand against the Behemoth threat. Back then, Riftstalker was one of the most difficult encounters a player could face. Now, some Guilds are reaching Gauntlet level 688. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown together.

Since then, 42 Behemoths have emerged in the Shattered Isles, with an ever-evolving array of attacks and abilities. But we’ve gotten stronger, too, bringing more than 230 unique weapons into battle.

The team is hard at work on some big surprises that are sure to bring even more excitement to the Shattered Isles and we can’t wait to share it all with you soon. Stay tuned here or follow us on social media to get all the latest updates. We’ll be sharing our progress along the way and look forward to hearing from you.

Clear skies, Slayers.

Anniversary: The Last Slayer’s Hope

The statue of the First Slayer stands as a reminder. As Slayers, it’s up to us to keep the Shattered Isles safe. It’s up to us to stand against the Behemoth threat.

Visit Markus Boehr in Ramsgate to embark on a quest to honour the First Slayer and confront the original eight Behemoth species. Then, relive the legendary battle against both Shrowd and Rezakiri in the First Slayer’s Legacy event hunt.

This year, complete all missions to unlock an even more difficult encounter: Last Slayer’s Hope.

Brave Slayers can earn the fiery Firelight sword skin, but only the most impressive will unlock the new Firelight crown from Last Slayer’s Hope. You must unlock Slayer’s Path Milestone V: Light the Way to participate.

These special quests and missions are only available from May 18 – June 1.

Anniversary sale, double XP & bonus bounties

During the anniversary event, from May 18 – June 1, enjoy 30% off featured weapon transmogs.

Get decked out with your best builds this anniversary, with our week-long anniversary sale!

Be sure to stop by the store to pick up your favourites before the sale ends on June 1 at 10 a.m. PT!

Each of the five repeatable event quests will also be available throughout the anniversary event. Complete Kat’s Weapon Training to earn combat merits, Dr. Priyani’s Research to earn rams, The Pirate Queen’s Challenge to earn patrol keys, and The Bosun’s Bounty or Gregario’s Favour to earn bounty tokens.

Plus, accelerate your growth with back-to-back bonus weekends!

  • From May 18 – May 21, earn double XP from all sources.
  • From May 25 – May 28, earn 1 bounty token every time you complete a bounty.


Aether Strikers

  • The Golden Claws now grant bonus attack speed at 25% health, down from 30% health.

Bug Fixes

Aether Strikers

  • The Golden Claws now properly grant an attack speed buff when the health threshold is met.


  • Repositioned the Bosun for better availability. Hello, Recruit!


  • Adjusted some incorrect scaling on various screens.

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