Three new summer-inspired patterns featuring Pokémon such as Surfing Pikachu, Bellossom, and Lapras have been added to the Original Stitch shirt patterns. Check out the refreshing pattern designs with adorable Pokémon expressions!

For the three new seasonal patterns, polyester print fabrics have also been added to the customizable lineup. In addition to the three newly released seasonal patterns, 22 existing patterns perfect for summer are available for customization, for a total of 25 different patterns to choose from.

How about enjoying this summer fashion with Pokémon shirts that are now even more comfortable?

3 NEW Prints

  • Surfing Pikachu
  • Botanical Jungle
  • Sunset in Alola

Along with this, 100 new embroidery options have been added, allowing the Johto Pokémon to be added to shirts and Polo Shirts. You can get full details on all of these new items here.

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