There were a number of leaks leading up to the reveal of Mortal Kombat 1, and it looks like those leaks are going to continue. Amazon Italy has shared a listing for the game, and it includes info that confirms a prior leak and reveals even more details.

You might remember that just before Mortal Kombat 1 was revealed, it was rumored that some special guest characters from other franchises would make an appearance. Thanks to the Amazon Italy listing, we now know this to be true. Previously-rumored characters like Homelander from The Boys, Peacemaker from the DC Universe, and Omni-Man from Invincible will be making their way to the Mortal Kombat 1 universe. These characters will be included as part of the Kombat Pack.

Other characters confirmed so far include Mortal Kombat classics like Quan Chi, Ermac, and Takeda. Along with that, five Kameo Fighters have been revealed as well. Kameo Fighters will provide assistance during a fight, and the ones revealed so far include Tremor, Khameleon, Mavado, Ferra and Johnny Cage. With Johnny Cage, this mention could be related to the Jean-Claude Van Damme skin that was revealed in the game’s announcement.

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