You go back just one console generation, and dating games would be considered niche at best, or non-existent at worst. While the genre has been around forever, it had very little presence outside of Japan. It’s only in recent years that dating games have come to get a foothold around the world, and now millions of players are eager to play the dating game…virtually.

Indie games label Fellow Traveler has definitely published their fair share of dating games, working with some of the biggest names in the scene. To further the reach of dating games and help share insight into how these titles come together, the publisher has shared a special video interview with multiple dating game devs.

The video feature, titled “Creating Unexpected and Spectacular Heartthrobs in your Dating Sims,” spotlights the indie game writers, directors, and producers behind titles like Romancelvania, We are OFK, and ValiDate to discuss their character creation process when developing fresh and intriguing characters with believable, relatable romance narratives in video games.

The 50-minute chat is well worth a watch for dating game fans, or for those who want insight into a fast-growing genre that is definitely poised to find more fans going forward.

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