Rogue Legacy 2’s “Swan Song” update is now live on Switch. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

3 New Ways to Play – Fans of the original Rogue Legacy may be familiar with the game’s hardest achievement, Thanatophobia, which required the game be completed in 15 lives. Well, we’re bringing it back as an official Special Game Mode, alongside two other modes that truly spice up the experience. Thana-two-phobia takes the original challenge and dials it to 11, with Prime bosses and harder biomes, while True Rogue pits you against the gods of RNG. This mode randomizes your character, drops you in random biomes, and tests how far you can get on a single life.

Dream A Little Dream – Deep within the shadows of an oppressive Kingdom lies the faint light of hopes and dreams. This latest update will be introducing Dreams, unique experiences similar to Scar Challenges that allow you to play out the fantasies of some of the most iconic characters in the game. What those fantasies are you will have to discover on your own.
*Unlike Challenges, Dreams do not count towards earning certain achievements.

Fables For All – We’re completing the cycle and adding three new Fabled Weapons in this final update. Bring both shock and awe to your foes with Mjolnir, strike fear into their hearts with a hand puppet, or just take on the righteous tides with your surfboard. With the addition of these remaining Fabled Weapons, all Classes in the game now have one tied to them in the Soul Shop.

Customization is the Spice of Life – To wrap things up, we are adding some minor customizations for both new and long-time fans of the PC/Mac/Linux version of the game. The first is the ability to add your own custom localizations. Please note that due to the nature of font generation, the feature is only available for languages in Latin or Cyrillic. We’re also adding custom seeds for speed runners, along with ways to validate them.

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