While Mega Man is a very well-known brand, it’s not the biggest in terms of moving units. Capcom’s heavy-hitters are Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, but that’s not to say there’s no love for the Blue Bomber out there. We saw some definitive proof of that with the release of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

In just two weeks time, Capcom revealed that Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection sold over 1 million units worldwide. Over in Japan, the physical release managed to sell out mere days after it arrived, which led to Capcom apologizing for the issue and getting a restock out the door asap.

In an interview with Siliconera, Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Director Masakazu Eguchi was asked about the collection’s stellar success, and as you might expect, even Capcom was surprised at how well things went.

The fans’ reaction to the collection exceeded our expectations. Many members of the community have been asking for ports of the Battle Network games for some time, but it fills me with great joy to know that so many fans were patiently waiting for and excited about the Battle Network games.

[Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection]

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1y ago

And they still won't do new Mega Man games. We'll just keep seeing rereleases. Forever. :/

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1y ago


At least the next rereleases will (probably) be Star Force and Legends which would just be awesome.
I would also love to see a Game Boy collection or some sort of spin-off collection.