The checkered flag is just weeks away! Think you’ve got what it takes to jump into the racing boots of an elite motorsports crew? Wild Fields’ Speed Crew is now available to pre-order on Nintendo Switch before its launch on June 8th, 2023, but you don’t have to wait until then to give the game a go, as a free demo has just arrived on the Switch eShop!

Speed Crew is a multiplayer experience inspired by racing pit crews worldwide, Speed Crew will deliver an equal measure of well-planned strategy and spontaneous mayhem, as shown in the slick new pre-order trailer.

On race day, mechanics will be tasked with various duties, such as changing tires, refuelling, and repairing damaged surfaces. With over 40 ways to fix cars, some of which involve multi-step processes, only the most well-coordinated crews can reach the chequered flag. Mending cars isn’t the only obstacle; dynamic environments such as moving floors, sudden weather changes, and locking gates add complexity to even the most seemingly simple pit stop. Due to the unpredictability of repairs required, even a well-organized pit crew can be thrown into chaos, and quick decision-making may determine the difference between victory and defeat.

Teamwork is essential in Speed Crew to overcome the obstacles on the road to victory. With local and online cooperative play options for up to four players, Speed Crew delivers a race-winning co-op experience regardless of where your crew is located. There’s also the ability to give underperforming crewmates a quick slap if inspiring words fail to motivate them! A wide range of character and vehicle customization options complements Speed Crew’s vibrant aesthetic. We all know that nailing the perfect pit stop is only half the battle; doing it in style is equally important! The game also pays tribute to motorsport legends with unique levels set in the 1970s, 1980s, and beyond, where style was just as crucial as speed.

Speed Crew will cross the finish line and arrive on Nintendo Switch on June 8th for $19.99/€19.50/£16.75.

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