Skye Tales soars onto Switch today

Sorry for dragon things out

26 May 2023
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Welcome to a world that couldn’t be happier to see you! Puny Astronaut revealed that cozy and accessible puzzle game Skye Tales will launch on Switch today. In Puny Astronaut’s debut title, players take control of Skye the friendly dragon, as they help the denizens of the beautiful valleys of Brinn by completing low-stress puzzles as they glide through rich, reactive playgrounds.

Skye Tales immerses players in a world of wonder and whimsy. From the lush valleys of Brinn to the glittering sea, every corner of Skye’s world is bursting with vibrant colours, delightful sounds, and charming characters. It’s a place where players can feel truly welcome. With its gentle puzzles and playful exploration, Skye Tales invites players to slow down and savour the magic of its world, offering a respite from the stresses of everyday life.

Visitors are encouraged to take their time and have a break along the way. There is a rainbow of magical instruments and tactile toys to play with. Alongside a chance to unlock and collect plenty of fabulous outfit choices for Skye.

Skye Tales is available to purchase today and a free demo is ready to offer a first peek into this magical world.

In Skye Tales, Puny Astronaut has created an experience that is comforting, nurturing and playful with a key aspect of accessibility. Skye Tales gradually introduces its manageable set of controls, never overburdening the player with complex combo requirements. Gameplay is colour-blind friendly and features visual filters to accommodate those with various visual information-processing requirements. Skye Tales also includes multiple control modes for those with different motor-control requirements.

Skye Tales is a haven for players seeking a relaxing, stress-free experience. With its charming world, delightful characters, and gentle puzzles, it’s a perfect escape for those who want to take a break from their busy lives.

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