Nintendo suggests Switch games for an action-packed weekend

I have a feeling I already know what people are playing...

26 May 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo loves putting together features that group together Switch games for you to check out. Their team has once again taken a deep dive into the Switch eShop and come up with another round of games with a special theme, and this one pertains specifically to the upcoming weekend.

Sometimes we find ourselves asking, “What’s better than a long weekend?” While we’re sure there are plenty of things, using a long weekend to game can be exactly what we need to recharge—especially when they’re packed with action! Whether you’re hittin’ the road or settling in with your pets for a long weekend, these games will keep you entertained with lots of action-packed gameplay.

As usual, Nintendo recommends a few of their own Switch games alongside third party offerings. If you’re curious to see what Nintendo has suggested, you can find their list here.

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