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Being head of the house just got a lot busier

29 May 2023
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Get ready to immerse yourself in a new level of renovation simulator wherever you are – just grab your Switch, relax, and renovate! House Flipper was released in 2018 on PC and in 2020 on Nintendo Switch. Ultimate Games are thrilled to announce that an extensive base game update and two DLCs will be released very soon!

House Flipper – Garden DLC and House Flipper – Pets DLC release will take place on 30th of May 2023 on Nintendo Switch! Both games will be available from 6:00 AM (CEST – Europe) / 3:00 PM (PDT – USA).

About House Flipper and New Beginning Update

House Flipper is a renovation simulator game beloved by gamers all around the world. This production not only lets you fulfill your dreams about becoming a one-person renovation crew, but also allows you to give free rein to creativity during decorating your houses in the chosen style.

It’s been a while since House Flipper released on Nintendo Switch and we want to emphasize that we care about our base game players and do our best to keep their experience fresh and engaging. We’ve prepared a special update just for them – full of improvements and features that will fundamentally change their gaming sessions! This update doesn’t just include additional items and jobs, but new mechanics, improved graphics and control upgrades as well – on top of small tweaks and alterations that would take way too long to list here. One thing is certain: after this update, your flipping experience will be even better!

You can find the list of some changes below:

  • New houses to buy – a castle, a moon base, a winter villa and a house on an island
  • New job at the winter villa
  • Optimized graphic settings
  • Refreshed user interface (UI)
  • Additional options for painting ceilings
  • Added possibility to change the position of exterior doors
  • Added possibility to change the position of windows
  • Access to view the list of jobs on in-game tablet
  • Quick-access to list of the items required in job
  • Control upgrade
  • New flipping mechanics! Paint or panel your ceilings, hang bulb chains, and more
  • Pack of new items

About House Flipper – Pets DLC

Can you hear the pitter-patter of little paws in this house under renovation? No wonder – with the House Flipper – Pets DLC you don’t have to choose between going to work and spending time with your animal companions anymore. What’s more, thanks to the release on Nintendo Switch, your pets will always be close to you! Grab your console and tools, and renovate some houses under the watchful gaze of your animals! Take a break from ceiling painting or building walls to throw a tasty treat for your pet and play with it.

In Pets DLC you can choose from thirteen most popular breeds of cats and dogs — each of which has different traits and a unique personality. Which one will suit your everyday habits – Maine Coon, Dalmatian, or Yorkshire terrier? However, some smaller creatures, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots or rats, are waiting for you too! Or perhaps you are the kind of person who prefers unconventional company? If so, let’s not forget about exotic species. Now you can become an owner of iguanas, spiders or snakes as well. Take your sweet pets with you to work, or order them to wait at your office until you get back after a hard work day.

Were you always dreaming of standing in front of your cozy countryside home with an adorable pet by your side? If the answer is “yes”, then this DLC is here for you! Now all of these activities are available on your Nintendo Switch console!

House Flipper – Pets DLC brings an exciting set of features:

  • Choose from 10 popular breeds of dogs and cats
  • Adopt up to 3 pets, and take one of them with you to work
  • Take in an representative of exotic animal species
  • Play with your pets, take good care of them and create a unique bond, which will make them happy
  • Be ready for upcoming challenges with 11 new jobs
  • Set your imagined house with a new environment and tons of decorations
  • Around 700 new items will make your interiors warm and cozy!
  • Let your imagination run wild and go for a unique design with all 11 of our brand-new ranch-style houses

About House Flipper – Garden DLC

Even a professionally renovated house isn’t going to impress anyone with brushwoods growing around… Thanks to House Flipper – Garden DLC weeds won’t be a problem anymore! Prepare your garden for a complete makeover – get rid of trash and rubble, mow the lawn, root out all weeds, start planting trees and ornamental shrubs, and don’t forget to add some colorful flowers as a nice accent! Before you know it, your desolated yard will transform into a beautiful royal garden. From here on, you can make this all from anywhere – just have a seat in nature with your Switch and design the garden of your dreams!

In the Garden DLC, you’re the one who decides what your garden looks like! Do you prefer the widespread gardens of the Palace of Versailles or the minimalistic style of Zen gardens? Don’t limit yourself! Let your garden shine for you and make your neighbors jealous of it! Make appraisers fight for it! And if you like, put your feet up and relax in the sanctuary of silence and peace, which will calm your senses and give you the energy to implement new ideas in other renovations!

Step by step, immerse yourself into the beautiful world of plants. Explore completely new jobs and discover innovative mechanics, which we’ve designed in association with professional gardeners! Don’t hesitate - grab your Nintendo Switch console, find a comfortable place in the fresh air, and let yourself explore the world of Garden Flipping.

House Flipper – Garden DLC contains:

  • 18 new engaging jobs
  • 3 new houses to purchase, renovate, and sell
  • Around 600 items in many variants, including over 250 plant species
  • 8 brand new mechanics.

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