Satoru Iwata was one of a kind. Millions of gamers around the world got to know him as the President of Nintendo a little over a decade ago, when he began to regularly host the company’s Nintendo Direct video presentations, striking that famous pose you see above. He brought news and game announcements “Directly to You!” . . . but only for a few years. Sadly, Mr. Iwata passed away in 2015, taken from the world far too soon at the age of only 55.

Following that shocking loss, Nintendo fans poured out tributes to his life and career across the Internet, and the gang at Nintendo Force Magazine dedicated their next issue to him, creating “Thank You, Mr. Iwata” as their 17th edition. It was received incredibly well, and remains their most popular single issue to this day! But, at the end of the day, it was still a normal NF issue, which meant the pages we were able to allot to celebrating Mr. Iwata’s life and achievements had to fit in alongside things like previews of Yo-kai Watch and their review of Super Mario Maker. Well, no more sharing the page count!

Nintendo Force Magazine just hit its 10-year anniversary earlier this year, and to mark that milestone they’re doing something big: They’re expanding into book publishing! The team wants to revisit topics that they first touched on in past issues, and go into more depth and detail than the normal magazine format allows. Which means they can finally tell Mr. Iwata’s full story in the way it deserves to be told!

The all-new book “The Impact of Iwata” will pack over 220 pages with an in-depth look back at his incredible career, covering all the well-known high points of his years at HAL and Nintendo (like the time he swooped in and saved EarthBound with his ingenious programming skills). But you’ll also get lesser-known facts and stories that the team didn’t get a chance to include in that NF issue eight years ago.

The book will blend text and artwork together, with quotes from Mr. Iwata himself and the colleagues who worked alongside him, spotlights on the games he helped create and the legacies they’ve inspired in the years since, and beautiful full-color illustrations to introduce each of 16 different chapters.

If you’d like to pledge to this Kickstarter to snag a copy of this book, you can do so through this link.

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