Multiplatform game developer and publisher 10tons proudly announces the much-anticipated Switch release of Undead Horde 2: Necropolis today! In Undead Horde 2, players are plunged into an epic role as the King of Undead, endowed with the power to raise and command an undead army. The monumental mission at hand is to resurrect the Necropolis – the once thriving undead kingdom ravaged by the living. The game is also scheduled for a mobile release later in the year.

In Undead Horde 2, players inhabit the role of a formidable necromancer king. The power to raise the dead and command them in battle rests in your hands. Each victory amplifies the strength of your army, and as you restore your city, your power surges, unlocking new abilities and units.

Here’s what to expect in the game:

  • Raise undead warriors of your choice from the fallen enemy remains
  • Command formidable undead armies of over 100 units
  • Reconstruct the Necropolis and unlock new talents, upgrades, and powers
  • Discover and unlock unique undead minions to bolster your army
  • Level up and become the ultimate savior of the Necropolis
  • Conquer the world and liberate the undead souls

Undead Horde 2 is priced at USD/EUR 16.99 and takes up 913 MB of space.


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