Traumatarium is 100% finished and the game works on the real Game Boy! Broke Studio are running a Kickstarter campaign for Traumatarium in order to raise funds for physical production and offer collector limited editions.

Traumatarium is a randomly generated dungeon crawler. You manage your health and vitality as you make your way to the final room and try and defeat the horrible monsters that rule over the dungeons.

Along the way you’ll encounter not only monsters, but rooms that may help or hinder your progression, as well as the dungeon underlings wanting nothing more than to take a bite out of you. Keep an eye out though, as each dungeon may have a hidden relic, and you may need multiple playthroughs to reach the specific room it’s located in. If you run into intrepid explorers, they may just give you a hint on where these rooms are located.

Broke Studio is looking for $27k to make Traumatarium a reality on the Game Boy, and you can help by pledging funds here.

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