Thief steals nearly $16k's worth of Pokémon cards

Freedom wasn't in the cards for this guy

04 June 2023
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There’s been a considerable amount of theft going on in the Pokémon world lately, with a major heist attempt thwarted just a few weeks back. Unfortunately, this time around, we have a story of someone who has successfully completed a number of heists…until now.

A 25-year-old man in Japan has been taken into custody on suspicion of stealing over $16k’s worth of Pokémon cards in a series of thefts. According to the authorities, it seems the thief had struck at multiple stores, but he didn’t get found out until his most recent smash-and-grab.

The man apparently broke into a store at 1 in the morning and stole 74 different Pokemon cards, with one being worth over $1,200. When employees arrived at the store later in the morning, they noticed things in a state of disarray, so they turned to security camera footage to see what happened. Thankfully, the footage was good enough for authorities to hunt down the assailant.

When authorities arrived at the man’s house, he admitted to stealing the Pokémon cards and was taken in. Furthermore, the suspect admitted that he did target other locations as well, which led to discovering his haul of over 16k in stolen Pokémon cards.

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